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What is Cryptocurrency Software?

Cryptocurrency is a part of digital currency that works as an exchange medium to make the secured online transactions. With the digitalization in the mode of transactions, the trend of cryptocurrency has completely caught on. Cryptocurrency now plays a vital role in the digitalization.

Cryptocurrency is the new favorite when it comes to investment. The promising returns and a flourishing business opportunity has made it popular.

Liv Innovation Technologies believes in being in pace with the current trends and understands the abundance of business opportunities that are related to Cryptocurrency. Having your own cryptocurrency software is a wise strategy to implement towards a flourishing business opportunity.


Liv Innovation Technologies Cryptocurrency Software

Liv Innovation Technologies gives you the most secure and full-featured solution available for their clients. We give an end to end software solution for your very own Cryptocurrency. Liv Innovation Technologies Cryptocurrency Software is the package that helps you right from the inception to implementation of your cryptocurrency in the market.

The primary focus of Liv Innovation Technologies is developing the most advanced and secure Cryptocurrency software. From the beginning, Liv Innovation Technologies was designed to never compromise on security. Users completely get to control the generation and storage of the cryptocurrency. Liv Innovation Technologies cryptocurrency software is scalable and accountable. It can perform multiple transactions at the same time and in a blitz speed. With the kind of tech-savvy population we have today, this is one that is going to be the trend with people exploring and banking on the opportunities they come across.

Why Choose Us?

Liv Innovation Technologies is one of the reputed companies that provide cryptocurrency development services. Our developers have a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency software & exchange platform development solutions based on the need of our customers. Our cryptocurrency development services include hi-tech assistance that can help store unchanging data. We believe in producing a smart code to achieve the desired set of cryptocurrency functionality.

Manage Investment

One can manage multiple investments with ease of operation and tracking.

Complete Deposit History

One can view the entire deposit history of their account since the time their account has been registered.

Complete Earning History

One can view their entire earning history of their account since the time their account has been registered.

Total Profit History

One can view the entire profit history of their account since the time their account has been registered.

Complete Fund Add Report

This feature allows to have a complete report of the usage of their funds.

Helpful User Panel

This feature gives all the necessary information to give a great user experience.

Liv Innovation Technologies Cryptocurrency Software Features

Fully Responsive design

The design is made in a way that is easily legible with minimum resizing, and that too across a wide range of devices.


The website is easy to use and enhances the user experience.

Easy Connectivity

It is one of the key features as it establishes easy contact between two or more parties.

Easy Sign-up & Sign-in

Sign-up and sign-in hassle free without putting in a lot of time.

Anti-Fraud System

This feature helps in registering and preventing any fraud that's about to happen.

SEO Friendly URL

It is important that the website's URL is SEO friendly for better search results.

Web-Page & Content Management

A better-written content makes managing the web page and contents an easy task.

Promotional Activities

One can plan to manage and upload various promotional activities..

Highly Secure & User-friendly Dashboard

Sensitive data can be protected with its secured and user-friendly dashboard.

Fund Control Through Bank

The account is linked to your bank account and you can add or remove funds according to your requirements.

Cryptocurrency Software Features

What makes our Cryptocurrency software unique, are the features mentioned below. These features make our software competitive and useful.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Clean & Classic Dashboard
  • E-Wallet
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Full Responsive
  • Multiple Network View
  • Change Sponsor & Repositioning
  • Down-line and Up-line listing
  • SMS Integrations
  • Income and Expenses Report
  • Multiple Withdrawal Options
  • Multiple Payout Options
  • Multiple Compensations
  • Business Wallet
  • Customizable Business Plan
  • Unlimited Members
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Support Ticketing
  • E-wallet Transfers
  • Manage User Types
  • Multiple Wallets
  • Automatic Payout
  • Transaction Failure and Recovery
  • Registration Process
  • Commitment Process
  • Rank Management
  • Growth Report
  • Working Income Report
  • Non-Working Income Report
  • Ticket Cancel Report
  • Time Expand Report

Software Rating

Liv Innovation Technologies MLM software is a unique experience to have. Try Liv Innovation Technologies, Binary Plan MLM Software and understand it for yourself as to how useful it will be for your MLM business.

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